SUJU′s Kyuhyun Decided to Duet with Lee Moon Sae Without Getting Lee Soo Man′s Permission – From 150407

Oh my goodness~ SooMan must be fuming(?)

Talking about his collaboration with Super Junior′s Kyuhyun, Lee Moon Sae shared some details that happened behind-the-scenes.

On April 7, Lee Moon Sae was invited as a guest to MBC FM4U′s Two O′clock Date to share about his new album in 13 years, New Direction.


He said that he wanted to share his music with the younger generation, explaining the reason why he had duets with Naul, Kyuhyun, and more.

“I wrote the lyrics to She is coming. After finishing, I realized it was a song for two male singers. I thought it would be nice to have a slightly young singer for it,” said Lee Moon Sae. “After thinking, I remembered that Kyuhyun remade my song, Flying, Deep in the Night and also had a solo song called At Gwanghwamun. So I told him, ′This hyung is going to do this song. Can you do it…

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