Return of the fish roll?!

Oh gosh~ :3 Now I feel Happier than ever!!

A Geek and the Sea

After the movie that closed an era, “Naruto the Last” (which I’m still eagerly waiting to see), we all thought that our favorite fox-demon-possessed hero was packing his tabis and shuriken for good but as it turns out, according to several news around the interwebs today, Kishimoto-san is once again drawing ninpo seals with his trusty pen to release a very short comic in next month’s Shonen Jump issue. Untill now all that is known is the title – Naruto Side Story: The Seventh Haori and the Scarlet Moon – and the fact that both Naruto’s son, Bolt Uzumaki, and Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada Uchiha will have important roles in it.


(For those not familiar with them, these two are from the new generation)

But what will I do with just that? It’s too little… – you say but well, fear not because this is all part of the “Naruto…

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