Is your kid thinking of a career in anime/manga?

Sugoi! So interestiing~!


A few weeks ago, I visited the bukatsu “club” scene at the public middle school that my son is attending. We checked out the art club because my son who has won awards at art exhibitions and often has its works exhibited on a regular basis wanted lessons on oils and other mediums to further his skills. But when we arrived at the club in session, we saw an all-girls’ class with each of them working on manga illustrations. Even though the art teacher was a truly experienced art teacher and professional, she told us that the club would not be doing anything BUT manga illustrations … apparently, that’s all students are interested in these days.

However, if we have a kid inclined in that way, maybe we should acquaint our kids with the hard facts or figures regarding career prospects. Today’s edition of the Daily Yomiuri, “SOFT POWER HARD TRUTHS/Anime ills” reports that:

“Anime employees in their…

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